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Character Information

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Character Information

Post by Rosette on Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:35 pm

Below is a list of current characters that are allowed on the site right now. There is no character limit at this moment.

Vampire Eater(Vamp Eater, VE, Soul Collector)- though these supernatural beings looks human, they are far from it. With immense strength, speed and power these beings are what many if not all other supernatural beings fear and run from. Vampires fear them most of all because they can survive off vampire blood or human food. However they can be killed, removing the heart and head is the most likely best beat in killing these beings. Their leader is however unkillable for some mysterious reason that even she doesn't know. The leader of these beings is also the only one who can turn other supernatural beings and humans into one of kind. Their blood is very unique, when taken by force, it will poison any supernatural who drinks it, but if given willingly then the blood is safe. Sense of smell is very accurate, it helps them know who is a supernatural being and who is human.

Vampire(Vamp)- creatures of the night, skin as cold as ice, eyes that glow red when they need to feed. Fast as lightening, strong as twenty oxen and dangerous. The instincts of a predator, surviving off human blood only. Remove the heart or head will kill these supernatural beings, but silver is also a good way to go, even if you want to poison them.

Humans- Average people, most never knowing that supernatural beings exist. The rare few who do are watched closely and some even protected. Can survive on just about anything and can died by just about anything.

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